Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why did I create this blog and what will I write about?

Simply stated, the purpose of my blog is to keep those who are interested up to date on my research. Additionally, I will throw in some interesting finds that I happen upon.

So, what type of posts should be expected from my blog?

  1. Preliminary Ideas - Like everyone else I come across a reasonable amount of head-tilting problems on a day to day. Actually, the problems are not necessarily all that interesting instead it is how they can be mapped onto a system in a non-conventional way and solved that makes them interesting. If a quick Google of the idea turns up nothing then I will discuss the idea and its mapping.
  2. Current Research - The bread-and-butter of my blog will be updates on my research, its status and direction. The goal here is to find a nice mix between "this week in review" type posts and daily updates. Most likely these posts will cluster around meeting days.
  3. How-To and non-research related technical stuff - I am Linux user, and like any Linux user I carry with me a bag of tricks to get things going. With that said, I will share those tricks if I know that it will save someone a substantial amount of time and hassle. Also, if I find a noteworthy technical goody then I might write about it.

This should give an outline of what is to come from The Richard Veras Idea Blog.

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